English certificate 2

2020-04-06 15:03:31 648

English certificate 2

The research and development of the company's investment wax has also attracted the attention of foreign counterparts. In October, 2014, when our company was still in the research and development stage, Mr. Stephen, the general manager of the world's No.1 American REMET Company, flew to China and directly talked about the acquisition of the company for nearly 100 million yuan. At that time, the company had already known the strategic impact of high-end precision casting wax on our national defense and the development of high-tech industry, so it was resolutely rejected, and it was absolutely impossible for foreign technology monopoly to continue to be realized.

Strengthen cooperation with universities and research institutes in Industry-University-Research, recruit domestic first-class high-tech professionals, set up a high-level R&D team, and build an important R&D base for high-end light investment products of investment wax and Mg-Li alloy in China to achieve continuous innovation and development.


Qingdao Xinnuoke Holdings Group limited company.

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