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2019-10-08 Qingdao-Laixi 2 negotiate face to face

Job description:

The company pays five insurances uniformly.

Provide free working meals, etc

Working hours:

08: 00-17: 00, single day off

Job requirements:

1. Major in fine chemistry, organic chemistry or analytical chemistry;

2. Bachelor degree or above, fresh graduates are preferred;

3. Lacey's native place is preferred.

Work place:

1. Qingdao Laixi Economic Development Zone

Sales representative

2020-03-31 Qingdao-Chengyang Room 743, International Business Port, No.196 Zhengyang Road, Chengyang District, Qingdao 8 300 ~ 7000 yuan/month

Job responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for the sales and promotion of the company's products; 

2. According to the marketing plan, complete the sales target of the department]; 

3. Open up new markets, develop new customers and increase the sales scope of products; 

4. Collect market information in the jurisdiction and analyze competitors; 

5. Be responsible for the planning and execution of sales activities in the sales area, and complete the sales tasks; 

6. Manage and maintain customer relationships and long-term strategic cooperation plans between customers.


1. College degree or above, major in marketing, etc. 

2. More than 1-2 years working experience in sales industry, with outstanding performance preferred; 

3. Quick response, strong expression ability, strong communication skills, and affinity;

Telephone sales

2020-03-31 Qingdao-Chengyang Room 743, International Business Port, No.196 Zhengyang Road, Chengyang District, Qingdao 3 negotiate face to face

Job responsibilities:

1. Collect information of new customers, communicate with them and develop new customers;

2. Communicate effectively with customers by telephone to understand customer needs, find sales opportunities and complete sales performance;

3. Maintain the business of old customers and tap their great potential;

4. Regularly communicate with cooperative customers to establish a good long-term cooperative relationship.


1. 20-30 years old, articulate, fluent in Mandarin, infectious voice; 

2. Have high enthusiasm for sales work; 

3. Have strong learning ability and excellent communication skills; 

4. Tough personality, quick thinking, good adaptability and pressure-bearing ability; 

5. Have keen market insight and strong dedication to work. Responsible and positive working attitude, with relevant telemarketing experience.


Qingdao Xinnuoke Holdings Group limited company.

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