Qingdao Xinnuoke Holding Group Co., Ltd. was invited to provide technical support.

2020-04-02 14:16:54 1704

Qingdao Xinnuoke Holding Group Co., Ltd. was invited by Shanghai Lanzhu Special Alloy Co., Ltd. to provide technical support. Qingdao Xinnuoke organized a technical team led by British technical expert Jarrad Beddow to Shanghai.

Qingdao Xinnuoke Holding Group Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, production, sales, service and purification of used wax of precision casting materials. China's first and the fifth enterprise in the world to produce filling wax for aerospace engine castings. The performance of non filling wax for ordinary precision castings produced in China has surpassed that of similar imported products in China, and has an international professional after-sales service team.

AJarrad Beddow graduated from Oxford Brooks University. He has 25 years of experience in precision casting in aerospace, military, commercial, leisure, shipbuilding and automobile industries, and has rich casting experience in aluminum oxide, steel and vacuum alloy casting.

The technical team of Qingdao Xinnuoke Holding Group Co., Ltd. listened carefully to the problems raised by the relevant technicians of Bluecast Special Alloy Co., Ltd., carefully studied and analyzed the relevant problems raised, and finally came up with a complete set of solutions, which were unanimously approved by the technicians of Bluecast.


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