Precision casting model wax is widely used in mold industry.

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The precision casting model wax has the effect of two layers of sunlight and engine operation, and the temperature of the paint surface is very high. In summer, the surface temperature of the engine hood can approach the "boiling point", even in winter, it can reach more than 30 degrees. Under such high temperatures, car wax like petroleum distillate is easy to melt away, and the melted car wax will adhere to more dirt, further damaging the paint.

The coated car glaze will also accelerate oxidation and fall under the effect of high temperature. The temperature and time of each stage of mixing, standing and insulation shall be guaranteed to ensure the stability and unity of wax. Investment casting wax is a kind of investment casting process with little or no cutting, and it is an excellent technology in investment casting. It is widely used.

It is not only applicable to the precision casting of various types and alloys, but also the standard precision and surface quality of the castings produced are higher than those of other precision casting methods, and even the complex, high temperature resistant and difficult to process castings that are difficult to be cast by other precision casting methods can be cast by investment precision casting.

The material function of the investment mold must meet the following conditions: good mobility, excellent mobility and filling function; The melting point and softening point are moderate, which can meet the requirements of ingredients and mold making, and are not easy to deform together; The shortening rate should be less than 1%, otherwise the standard accuracy will be affected;

The strength and surface hardness shall be able to ensure that no damage, crack or surface scratch occurs during the manufacturing process; The surface coating property shall ensure that it can be well wetted with the subsequent refractory coating to form a uniform coating. When limiting the investment mold, the mold with high surface finish of the cavity is selected, so the surface finish of the investment mold is also high.

The heating temperature of investment casting wax varies with the metal material being treated and the purpose of heat treatment, but generally it is heated above the metamorphic temperature to obtain high temperature structure. A new type of wax processing equipment for precision casting, which comprises a tank type double layer barrel structure plan, namely, a thermal insulation hot water barrel and a wax storage barrel, the thermal insulation hot water barrel is wrapped with thermal insulation rock wool, and the side is provided with a U-shaped tube electric heater and a hot water drainage valve;

The top of the wax storage barrel is provided with a wax inlet, the interior is interspersed with a thermal insulation hot water coil, the side is provided with a wax outlet valve, and the bottom is provided with a sewage valve. Casting wax, high and medium temperature precision casting granules, bead shaped, high hardness, small linear shortening rate, good resistance, good stability, and can be reused.

There are also water-soluble casting wax, repair wax, adhesive wax and other supporting products; Model wax is used as the mold material for art casting and precision machine tool processing. Of course, what is usually used for jewelry casting is "casting wax" in the shape of beads. Medium temperature wax cooperates with silica sol shell making process, while low temperature wax generally cooperates with sodium silicate shell making process.

The polished tiles, vitrified tiles and all glazed products on the market will generally be waxed on the surface of the tiles before leaving the factory to avoid accidental damage to the tiles during construction. Before customers move into the new residence, they can restore the original luster of the tiles after proper cleaning methods are used to "dewax" the new tiles.

It is assumed that the scratches are on the bumper, rear-view mirror and wheel arch of your car. Since these parts are plastic parts and will not rust, it doesn't matter whether you repair the paint or not. You can use a paint repair pen or a small pot of paint to repair the scratches yourself. If tea, coffee, beer, ice cream, grease and other pollutants attach to the ceramic tile surface, they should be wiped in time, and sodium hydroxide or potassium bicarbonate solution can be used to decontaminate if necessary.


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