Do you know the origin and usage of model wax?

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Compared with modern candles, ancient candles have many shortcomings. Palm wax is extracted from palm leaves, and shellac is the resin secreted by lac insects parasitic on trees. After separation and purification, they can be eaten.

In fact, model waxes are used in food far more than apple waxing. The fruit itself secretes a layer of wax on the surface. The second kind is the fruit wax coated by our normal fresh-keeping technology. The third kind is the industrial wax used as a fresh-keeping technology. The thermal elastic coefficient of the product is small, so it is suitable to be used as a bonding material in the fine processing process. A fine casting method for bronze and other metal objects was invented in the Spring and Autumn Period.

The method is that the wax is now used to make the utensil model, and the inside of the surface is filled and reinforced with mud. After it is dried and heated, the wax liquid flows out, the wax outlet is blocked, and then the metal solution is injected. After cooling, the filled mud is removed, and the same metal utensil as the wax model can be obtained. After a warm and monotonous winter, it is normal for the furniture paint to show cracks or even cracks. Assuming that the furniture has now shown paint cracking, compensation work is required.

Different compensation methods are selected according to different paint surfaces. When making the door, do not stick to the rough ground. It is generally required to leave a certain interval, so that after the floor is paved, the door can be prevented from sticking to the ground, resulting in moisture on the ground.

It can also be used at room temperature like putty. It is stable at room temperature and needs to be heated before being used. The repair wax has good compatibility with the bonding wax. It will not have any adverse effects when used in cooperation with the model wax. The ash content of the repair wax is very low and does not exceed 0.01%. The repair wax can adhere to a certain strength after the wax mold is repaired, which is useful to prevent the repair surface from bumping when it is transferred again. The desired organizational environment for wood furniture.

Model wax is high quality unfilled wax. It is widely used in the precision casting industry of silica sol process. It is applicable to the wax mold manufacturing of general industrial parts, aerospace parts, hardware parts, pipe and valve parts, needle lathe parts, golf ball head structures, specifications and specifications with high precision requirements. Crude wax should not be used frequently. As the coarse wax is mainly used to fill the thin scratches on the surface or remove the foreign matters that are difficult to be eradicated and the oxide film on the paint surface. Casting wax is mainly used in aviation industry and civil fine casting, and also widely used in ships, cars, telecommunications machinery, machine tools and other work. The wax casting has the effect of forming and fixing.

Then polish until the paint finish is completely consistent with the original coating color. The repaired part shall be moistened with clean cotton yarn dipped in gasoline, and then wiped after being fully dipped in wax. It shall be wiped repeatedly until the paint surface is flat and bright. When waxing, the whole appearance of the car can also be waxed and polished together.

The method is: wipe all wax with clean cotton yarn, and then apply polish wax until the paint is clear and shiny. Wipe it once with a flannel cloth. In addition to the traditional fine dewaxing and casting production, in order to expand the service scope, the product manufacturing department is specially established to develop and manufacture the special tools and accessories for new bicycles. Its products have excellent practicality and originality.

S2 high-grade east and west steel is selected for the data of east and west wrenches, and the east and west ends of high-strength alloy steel broken chains are produced by combining the original dewaxing casting technology. The east and west bottle bodies are made of aluminum alloy data, which are processed by CNC and anodized in various colors, and can be selected. The model wax is mainly composed of normal, isomeric and naphthenic hydrocarbons above C26, and the carbon atoms are widely dispersed, with a hydrocarbon ratio of about 1.85. The microcrystalline wax has small hardness, good flexibility, tends to plastic activity under stress, large elongation and good flexibility.


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