The primary characteristics and technology of casting wax

2020-04-07 15:04:34 892

Using domestic petroleum wax as the primary material, under the premise of summing up and considering the influence of various auxiliary materials on the bending strength, viscosity, linear shortening rate and drop melting point of the base material, through many experiments and discussions, a series of low, medium and high temperature fine casting wax used in fine casting operations has been successfully announced.

The results of the physical property policy test of the casting wax show that the bending strength, surface hardness, linear shortening rate and ash content of the newly developed mold materials have reached the current domestic enterprise specifications of the series of precision casting wax, during which the medium temperature precision casting wax policy is close to the Japanese K512 product specifications, and has the characteristics of good heat resistance, coating, liquidity and reusability, which can meet the needs of domestic precision casting production and can replace the imported mold materials.

The technology for producing low, medium and high temperature series casting wax and fine casting wax has been studied and developed, and the pilot scale and pilot scale tests have been expanded. The results show that the developed process products have stable quality, good repeatability, no "three wastes" in the production process, and meet the environmental requirements. The low and medium temperature fine casting die materials produced by the pilot process have been used in various engineering applications of different parts by many users. The results show that the process function of the die materials is stable, the specifications and surface roughness of the precision castings produced meet the product process requirements, and meet the technical conditions of the drawing paper. The following are the primary characteristics of casting wax.

1. It has good solubility with other waxes;

2. Good fluidity and molding, good wax surface finish, and high specification accuracy;

3. It has good durability, high strength, can be used repeatedly, and its shortening rate is very small. Its surface finish and fluidity are stable;

4. It is fully recyclable wax, used for the production of runner system, with excellent strength;

5. New wax material with low impurity content can be used for making titanium alloy casting wax pattern;

6. Under the condition of proper mold composition; The wax pattern forms the mirror.

In response to the development trend of investment casting industry at home and abroad and the domestic market demand for investment casting pattern material (investment casting wax), casting wax is widely used in the silica sol process fine casting industry. At present, the company is mainly engaged in:; Casting wax, model wax, filling wax, bonding wax, repair wax, jewelry wax, etc. are applicable to the production of wax models with high precision requirements for various structures, specifications and specifications of aerospace parts, hardware parts, pipe valves, needle turning parts, golf head.


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