Analysis on the future development direction of precision casting industry by NovartisAnalysis on the future development direction of precision casting industry by Novartis

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In recent years, with the introduction of advanced equipment and the implementation of advanced concepts in investment casting enterprises, the speed of development has been greatly improved, but there is still a certain lack. Most domestic foundry enterprises are content with the status quo, and do not realize that enterprises must continue to learn and innovate if they want to be sustainable. This requires enterprises to be fast, standardized and popular. To achieve this, enterprises need to be able to establish a fast response chain, optimize the management of enterprises, and be customer-oriented to complete their keen grasp of shopping malls, practice their internal skills, and achieve both exterior and interior.

Now the investment casting industry is developing faster and faster, but compared with developed countries, there is a gap in quality, power, power and material consumption, labor conditions and environmental protection. The reasons for these distances are that the foundry site is small in planning, poor in economic strength, backward in technology and equipment, low in management level and low in quality of employees. How can we improve the status quo?

1. Benefit is the basis of enterprise development, the basis of development is benefit, and development is to complete higher benefits. Our country should have a high benefit foundry industry. It is also difficult for an enterprise to make a life span plan without benefit, let alone launch it. In order to advance the benefits, we should start from the following aspects:

① Reduce personnel and increase efficiency, save energy and reduce consumption.

② Finish specialized production.

③ Select new technology and handle scientifically.

2. Quality is the life of an enterprise. Quality and efficiency sometimes seem to be opposite, but they are the same. Enterprises with poor product quality cannot settle down, let alone benefit, or continue to develop. To improve product quality, we need to start from the following aspects:

① The raw and auxiliary materials shall be selected reasonably, and the relevant process procedures shall be formulated and strictly implemented.

② Select new casting technology, new process, new equipment and new casting materials.

3. Clean production is the basic requirement for sustainable development. The meaning of cleaner production is to end the consumption of resources (raw materials) and power as low as possible; Completing a pleasant production environment and minimum or zero pollutant discharge; Produce clean products (products consume less energy and materials, are easy to reuse and meet the requirements of ergonomics). The clean production of casting mainly refers to the use of new technology, new process, new materials and new equipment to achieve low consumption, low pollution or no pollution, and the pleasant environment for casting production.

At present, the advantages of domestic precision casting enterprises compared with foreign casting enterprises are mainly reflected in the cost advantage, but this advantage will become less and less obvious. However, with the implementation of the western development and the new rural construction policy, China's casting market will continue to expand and become stronger. With our constant innovation on the way to seek differentiation, the value and influence of China's fine casting are gradually strengthening, and will be better developed in the future.


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