What are the core values of silica sol casting?

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Many friends often ask me a question. Why is silica sol casting so expensive? Xiao Bian can only smile helplessly. It's a long story. Here is the core value of silica sol casting.

First of all, as a buyer, you need to know what is casting, smelting metal, manufacturing mold, pouring molten metal into the casting mold, and solidification to obtain a certain shape, size and performance of metal parts. There are three casting methods: sand casting, metal mold casting and wax loss method.

Since our silica sol method is a wax loss method, we focus on the wax loss method.

What are the core values of silica sol casting?

In short, the method of casting wax is to duplicate the objects that need to be cast with wax, then soak them in a pool containing sand/powder, and then wait for drying so that the wax replica can be coated with a sand outer layer film, and repeat these steps until the outer layer film is enough to support the casting process, and then melt the wax in the mold and extract the casting mold. On this basis, the hardness of the mold can be strengthened and used for casting only after several times of high temperature treatment. The method has good accuracy, but the cost is high due to the high price of sand powder, multiple heating and complexity.

The surface roughness of products casted by silica sol method can reach Ra3.2-6.3. As the casting billet is close to forming, the purpose of free machining or small amount of machining is achieved, the cost is reduced, and the production and manufacturing time is shortened to a certain extent.

What are the core values of silica sol casting?

There is also a more commonly used lost wax casting process, that is, water glass process. Compared with silica sol process, sodium silicate has a certain advantage in price, that is, it is cheap. The following is a brief analysis of the differences between the two processes in production technology.

What are the core values of silica sol casting?

Silica sol casting products:

Different production processes lead to huge differences in the final products. The products produced by silica sol method have higher dimensional accuracy and better surface roughness than those produced by water glass method.

If you pay attention to quality, please respect its price; If you want something cheap, please accept its defects, after all, a penny a goods.

What are the core values of silica sol casting?

Finally, the core advantages of silica sol casting are summarized: good casting surface, high dimensional accuracy, saving a lot of surface treatment time and dimensional external treatment processes. From the perspective of finished products, the cost is actually reduced.

The choice of process depends on the needs of customers, but if you choose us, we will not let you down. Our hundred core values of competition: treat others sincerely, persevere, persist in innovation, keep learning, take responsibility and meet the competition. Our goal is to become a real enterprise, because the value it creates is recognized and needed by the market and society.


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