Difference between low-temperature wax and medium-temperature wax

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The current medium temperature wax mainly contains rosin raw materials, so the melting point is relatively high, even reaching Baidu. Like other waxes, it may only be suitable for casting some simple workpieces, but at present this wax can meet the high requirements of enterprises, especially the current alloy products can also achieve specific production and casting through the application of this wax, which can play an important role in various fields.

Compared with low temperature precision casting wax pattern materials, physicochemical intermediate temperature precision casting wax pattern materials have outstanding thermophysical properties, melting point and softening point. Secondly, the mechanical properties have also been improved accordingly. The strength and hardness of low temperature die materials have been greatly improved, with good dimensional accuracy and surface integrity. To sum up, medium temperature precision casting materials are mainly used in military aviation, commercial jewelry and other fields with high performance requirements and high dimensional accuracy.

The difference between low temperature wax and medium temperature wax.

1. Silica sol shell making process is matched with medium temperature wax, while low temperature wax is generally matched with water glass shell making process.

2. Since low-temperature wax contains water vapor, the shrinkage of medium temperature wax is larger than that of low-temperature wax.

3. Compared with low temperature wax, medium temperature wax should be stable in size and expensive in price.

4. The treatment methods of medium temperature wax are different. Medium temperature wax is a dehydration and purification treatment method, and low temperature wax is a reaction treatment method, which can remove saponified substances.

In order to understand the physical properties of medium temperature wax, we should start from its filling materials. The filling material is mainly rosin, with stainless steel and other alloy aluminum as the film, and the surface size is relatively high. Therefore, the medium temperature wax has good shrinkage property. Of course, another reason is that there are more washing ingredients.

When using medium temperature wax, many manufacturers are still worried about the quality of this wax material, because the current wax material products mainly use rosin as the main material. Therefore, some products with high surface requirements can be safely used to complete production and manufacturing. Not only that, they are just like the alloy products we usually see. Similarly, the main role of this wax material can be completed through this product.


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