Causes of wax breakage at medium temperature

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Medium temperature mold. It is mainly rosin wax based mold and filling mold. The melting point is between 70-100 ℃, with high strength, good thermal stability (35 ℃), small shrinkage, good dimensional stability, good surface roughness and good replication performance. It can be reused, the preparation process is complex and the cost is high. Dewaxing can be carried out with water, steam or microwave. This mold is usually used with silica sol adhesive. Usually produced by waxing machine.

The burning temperature of medium temperature wax is relatively high. Low temperature wax can be recycled. No metal powder will be released during use, while other wax films may produce some chemical substances due to the influence of temperature. For example, mixed water may be produced during the combustion of medium temperature wax. After low temperature cooling, these liquids may form viscous substances, and then we heat these viscous substances to complete the wax separation process.

The cause of broken parts of medium temperature wax.

1. The weldment is not stuck firmly.

2. The wax parts were welded into trees immediately after wax pressing, and the internal stress was not eliminated.

3. The quality of precision casting wax in medium temperature wax has problems, and the recycling treatment is not good.

4. The temperature difference between coating and wax injection is too large.

5. When pressing wax parts, there are cracks or fracture tendency at the fracture.

Medium temperature wax can be dehydrated. Due to the different treatment processes, low-temperature wax is mainly used for medical beauty, because even if this wax oil falls on human skin, it will not cause greater damage to human skin due to relatively low temperature. On the contrary, once the medium temperature wax enters the human skin, there may be burns. Low temperature wax also contains a lot of spices, which will bring a certain degree of comfort when burning, and its materials can also be recycled for many times.

At present, many foundries choose to use wax, mainly hoping to complete the production and manufacturing of some products through wax, so it is very important to ensure the dimensional stability of the products. If the stability cannot be guaranteed, it is easy to make mistakes, which will affect the production quality of the products. Therefore, temperature wax can ensure the dimensional stability now, and there is no need to worry about other issues.


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