Physical properties of moderate temperature wax in precision casting materials

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At present, many people still pay more attention to various wax products, mainly because the casting of various products can also be completed through these wax materials. Among them, medium temperature wax can be widely used in large manufacturers, mainly because these products have certain performance advantages, which can be understood and concerned by manufacturers.

More stable use.

Many manufacturers began to use medium temperature wax to produce and cast products. In the process of use, they will find that this product can still ensure stability, especially in terms of product size. They do not have to worry about any errors, so it is relatively stable. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the accuracy of completing specific casting through this wax material.

Physical properties of medium temperature wax investment casting materials: mainly rosin type and filling type, with melting point of 70-100 ℃, mainly used for casting with high size and surface requirements. The wax is dewaxed by steam or microwave. The wax can be reused. It is closely integrated with the shell manufacturing process, while low-temperature wax is usually integrated with the water glass shell manufacturing process. Medium temperature wax shrinks more than low-temperature wax because low-temperature wax contains water. For steam or microwave dewaxing. This mold material is usually used with silica sol adhesive. It is usually formed by waxing mechanism.

The size and deformation of wax block will be affected due to different colors of wax paste after processing. First of all, the wax itself is not good, but the wax treatment is improper. In practice, the wax flakes pressed with black wax paste shrink more than those pressed with yellow wax paste!

Due to the characteristics of medium temperature wax, it has a wide range of applications and is more suitable for casting wax. Dongguan Huijia Casting Materials Co., Ltd. specializes in selling all kinds of raw and auxiliary materials such as medium temperature wax and silica sol for casting, and welcomes casting customers to purchase consulting products.

Wax material: under normal temperature, we can observe that this wax material basically exists in the form of transparent solid. When the melting point is relatively low, the solidification temperature will be relatively low. According to the different source properties, it can be divided into mineral wax and artificial wax. Now there are some wax materials used as sources of animals and plants, but this material is relatively rare, and the medium temperature wax made of this material is also relatively precious, of course, the price will be a little more expensive.


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