How to use repair wax and what points should be paid attention to.

2022-06-18 05:22:59 357

At present, the main function of repair wax is to repair the defects of wax surface. Because of its good use effect and convenient use, it can now be used by many enterprises. However, when using this product, we still need to pay attention to many aspects to ensure the repair effect.

First, pay attention to the treatment of surface defects.

Because the current wax repair products can mainly repair surface defects. In addition, if the wax surface is sunken, it can also be repaired with this product. Therefore, during the repair process, the surface depression can be directly leveled. It should be noted that the wax surface size needs to be consistent to avoid other problems in the future repair.

Second, pay attention to softening before use.

When some enterprises use repair wax, they will find that the use effect of such products is not good, especially in the use of various problems. Therefore, the enterprise should pay attention to softening the product. Before use, the wax should be softened to room temperature or higher than room temperature. The wax can only be used after softening to complete the repair of surface defects and avoid other problems.

Repair wax is really a good application and can play a certain role, but in use, or many aspects should be paid attention to, whether in the treatment of surface defects or in softening products, it should be done, only in this way can the application of products be ensured.


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