BDSM [Details of Low Temperature Candles]

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Low temperature wax is too familiar to insiders. I believe many people know what it is doing.

First, we need to know a term called melting point

Melting point: The temperature at which the crystal begins to melt is called the melting point. The difference between low temperature candles and ordinary candles is that the melting point of low temperature candles is lower.

The lower melting point means that the temperature produced when the candle melts is lower, which leads to the name of the low-temperature candle. Ordinary candles, which are common in our daily life, are generally solidified with paraffin. The melting point of paraffin is about 80 ° C, and the human body will be scalded if it touches an object at 65 ° C for more than one minute.

At this time, many children may not think so. They said that when they were young, they often dropped candles on their hands without scalding, but in fact, it was only because the heat resistance of the back of their hands was very high. Try the inside of the arm? Low temperature candles are mainly made of beeswax, bean wax, medical beauty wax, vegetable wax, etc. The temperature is generally about 50 ° C, which is more suitable for skin and will not cause skin burns. Many health centers even use beauty wax and beeswax as body care.

So, do you know what candles we should use now?

OK, after the difference between low temperature candles and ordinary candles, new problems arise.

As an equally good common sense tool in the circle, don't you really know how to use low-temperature candles? The reason for this problem is actually very simple, making money.

If you really buy low temperature candles, I believe many friends will recognize them, but the price is relatively expensive and acceptable.

To this end, we launched the next popular science question: Distinguishing low-temperature candles

The simple way to distinguish is the difference of material properties. The wax melts and drips, and becomes dry after cooling. Any button will be separated as a whole. Low temperature candles will feel greasy after being cooled and deducted, because they are made of beeswax, bean wax, medical beauty wax, plant wax, etc.

Low temperature candles are initially used for beauty care, which can play a similar role to essential oils. Therefore, it is easy to distinguish ordinary paraffin wax from low-temperature candles.

Knowing this, friends should not have the experience of burning caused by buying the wrong candle!

And those who are very leisurely can also buy some beeswax, bean wax and beauty wax of different colors on the Internet. After melting, they can make their own low temperature candles. Whether they are doing beauty or other things, they are full of a sense of achievement!


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