[Do you maintain the snowboard yourself or spend money on it]

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Hello, everyone. I have been a single board player for 4 years. I am only 50 years old. From today on, I will share my skiing experience and some tips with my friends from time to time. The following is just my personal comment, so don't hit me. I'm serious about skiing and try not to bother others (mainly because of poverty). Taking care of your own snowboard is true love. Does your daughter-in-law need others to hurt her? (Skin, hehe)

To make fun of 😝 Maintenance requires some friends with poor hands-on ability or little time to still consume and maintain

The maintenance cycle of skis should be related to your sliding distance and times. After all, we are not professional athletes, so we don't have to wax every day.

If you ski often, try waxing once in half a month. If you don't ski often, you should see if the bottom of the board turns white. It is recommended that you do not wait for him to turn white before maintenance. If you have succeeded in getting started, you must have heard of Shaopandi. It is the white near the front and rear blades of your skis, which means your skis need to be waxed once.

As far as I know, my friend has also made a more outrageous mending for the bottom of the board for 1500rmb waxing/50rmb blade trimming/time. What I said is that most players are not suitable for enthusiasts.

About how to do more with less

The following is an example of a treasure search "snowboard maintenance". A set of basic maintenance tools is about 3000 RMB, including (iron snow wax brush polishing cloth). A piece of snow wax can be used 10-15 times. If you do this, you will return after two waxing operations

It does not include (tool wax remover and wax scraper) single and double plate anglers (100/set). The single plate free style is not suitable for trimming (personal understanding). It is mainly for carving and racing. This extreme sliding should be repaired frequently


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