Why is the shrinkage of medium temperature wax better?

2022-07-11 11:35:00 338

Nowadays, dissolution molding process is becoming more and more powerful, and its application scope is also expanding. Among them, the application of warm wax is also expanding. Although the development of wax materials may have some limitations in quantity and performance, many melting and casting processes have not been well applied to this wax material. However, as various new fillers are added to the production of this wax material, the traditional wax mold process is becoming more and more mature. Now let's take a look at the changes in the medium temperature wax process in recent years?

Different from low temperature wax, medium temperature wax has a higher combustion temperature. Low temperature wax can be recycled and will not release any metal powder when used, while other wax films may produce some compounds due to the influence of temperature. For example, mixed water may be generated during the combustion of medium temperature wax, and viscous substances may be generated after low temperature cooling, and then these viscous substances are heated to complete the wax separation process.

In short, in fact, medium temperature wax is a kind of soluble wax film. Only with the cooperation of related refractory materials can a certain shell be produced. With this shell, as long as the high-temperature combustion, the high-temperature baking process will be completed.

In order to understand the physical properties of medium temperature wax, we should start with its filling material, which is mainly rosin. On the premise of strong surface size, it is made of stainless steel and other alloy aluminum materials. Therefore, the shrinkage property of medium temperature wax is better. Of course, another reason is that there are more washing ingredients


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