Have you ever played low-temperature wax?

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I wonder if you think the word "temperature" is really sexy.

Hokkaido Hot Spring Hotel; Hot towels for Japanese food stores before meals; Breathe the tip of the tongue; In the morning, the hot water in the mouth slipped from the throat; Shower touch skin, vertigo from belly button to brain

Because you can really feel the embrace of temperature, you feel sexy and beautiful.

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The same is true of beeswax.

Whether it's the speed of flow, the feeling of pulling wax silk, the feeling of sticking to the skin, or the small stimulation at the moment of tearing. When temperature, stimulation, taste, tension, pain, all the feelings are mixed together, creating a kind of inexplicable enjoyment. Or, it is a kind of happiness.

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Sometimes I think hot wax hair removal is an experience of playing SM edged ball.

If we say that the pleasure of low-temperature wax is that it will cause slight scald and irritation to the skin at the moment of dripping without preparation.

So honey wax is more tender in emotion, and it comes from the immediate comfort of injured skin after tearing.

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I described the feeling of personal hair removal with hot wax as pertinent as possible:

When 55 ℃ hot wax touches the skin for several times, the brain sends out a skin "hot" warning, and the conditioned reflex wants to shrink, but the pores of the whole body do not listen to instructions to relax.

Under the traction of the stick, the temperature becomes soothing, and the hot wax closely fits the skin, beginning to have an understanding slightly higher than the body temperature. Driven by curiosity, watching the flowing hot wax slowly solidify on the skin, I suddenly remembered the impulse to buy the enamel seal before.


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