"The skin is hot and bald"-Do you have to use low-temperature wax for dropping wax?

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"Although a bit sensational, I did find the meaning of life from the burning of the candle. I want to take pictures of every moment when the candle shines. I believe that countless such moments together are the life of the candle. Just as I also believe that people's lives are the same, when I see the candle burning... I am still a little empty in my heart."

Cough~No sensationalism, this article starts to dry up.


Ordinary candles, low-temperature candles.

There used to be a riddle that many people said that low-temperature candles must be used in teaching. How can you use ordinary candles? This is not true. It all depends on the height of the hand. To be exact, the distance from the candle to the skin. If ordinary candles are used, as long as they are high enough, the temperature of wax oil will not be high. Of course, low temperature wax is usually used. Its fun is that you can drop it very close to your body and have a better interactive experience. In addition, when dripping water, the arm can swing up and down to adjust the height. Relatively speaking, it is more fun, better experience and safer.


When you lie down, you can't see what you are doing. So it is more difficult to predict where you will fall, which is also one of the fun. Generally speaking, we usually drip along the back, bit by bit, until we reach the groin. If your M adapts, you can also turn around, from the neck to the neck * *. The difference between the two common postures is that lying down is more suitable for novice S to try, because there is no sensitive part on m's back, which is also to protect m. At the same time, because M lies down, he can't see what you are doing or where you are going, so he will feel nervous. Just because you can't see what you are doing, if you try this project, there will be some small mistakes, which will not affect the overall experience. But if you lie down, M will see what you are doing with his own eyes, and there will be a sense of oppression. While lying down is easier to drip to sensitive parts, beginners should avoid those parts first. Because the skin of those parts is very tender and the tolerance is weaker than that of other parts, some proficiency is required.

Play Method:

In fact, traditional game playing methods are all written on it. Of course, in many cases, wax dropping does not appear as a simple project. Generally, it is integrated into the whole training process, and there will also be various scenes, plots, postures, etc. Wax dropping has always been a project with both punishment and art. After the completion, of course, you can also use a long whip to remove all wax oil, and you will have a good experience.


Dropping wax has always been one of the symbolic items of abusing love. Generally speaking, wax dripping is mainly to create skin irritation and psychological pleasure. In depth analysis of this article, we will not mention it at first, but will talk about psychological topics later~ Imagine that when she touched her skin with warm wax oil, her red lips were slightly open, her eyebrows were tight, she could not breathe, and she complained constantly. There is a unique taste in the hearts of the parties


As far as the safety of wax dropping project is concerned, I mainly think of six points: ① Use low-temperature wax correctly. If the candle is too close to the skin, it is likely to cause burns. ② Protect your privacy and avoid it as much as possible. In addition to the immature skin of sensitive parts, it will be troublesome to wash if it is dropped in. If you are scalded again, the blisters will burst and become infected Do you deserve your m? ③ Because of the fire involved, pay attention to flammable materials such as bed sheets. ④ Make sure that there are no other skin problems, such as folliculitis, skin allergy, etc., during the adjustment, otherwise avoid this period of time, wait for the adjustment picture ⑤ Make sure that m is not allergic, because there are indeed people who are allergic to wax. ⑥ BDSM practice itself is dangerous and never safe. With fast food becoming faster and faster, many people are overwhelmed by desire in BDSM's making friends and practice. In the face of successful practices, they want to jump up happily, but ignore the potential huge risks (whether making friends or the project itself)

Medical treatment:

Of course, except for the safety problem, what we may not know is that "wax dropping" is also a physical therapy method of traditional Chinese medicine. The screenshot of Baidu Encyclopedia is as follows~


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