How to play "low temperature candle"?

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Low temperature candle

In fact, the candles used for interest are not ordinary candles, but ordinary candles "low-temperature candles".

The temperature of this low temperature candle will be lower than that of ordinary candles, with a melting point of about 60 ℃. With the cooling during the dripping process, it will also fall on the skin at 50~55 ℃.

This temperature will not burn the skin, but will only cause extremely slight burns, but will lead to the secretion of endorphins, thus breeding pleasure.

As for ordinary candles, the melting point is generally about 80 ℃. If wax drops on the body at this temperature, you may get scalded if you are not careful.

A good low-temperature candle will give off a faint fragrance after burning, which can not only create a comfortable and relaxed environment, but also create a comfortable and relaxed environment. Cui affection effect.


What to prepare

The first is lighting. You should pay attention to the mood of such things, or you will lose the sense of mystery you should have.

Of course, do not turn on the lights at all, which will inevitably lead to security risks.

Can turn on a small night light, the atmosphere suddenly ambiguous.

After arranging the atmosphere, prepare some ice cubes or a wet towel twisted in advance.

If your partner is really scalded, you can apply cold compress in time.

In addition, in consideration of the cleaning in the later period, disposable sheets can also be placed on the sheets, which can be replaced after the end.


Where is suitable for waxing?

The closer the candle is to the human body, the higher the temperature of wax oil dripping, the greater the tilt angle of the candle, and the faster the wax oil dripping speed.

As for the places suitable for waxing, for the first time, they are places with high patience and large area.

Such as chest, back, outer thigh, hip, etc.

In the process of dripping, pay attention to the other party's reaction at any time.

It is also very simple to remove wax oil. You just need to apply cold compress to the skin and move a little. After the skin shrinks, the wax will naturally fall off.


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