How to "light" a low-temperature candle diligently?

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Low temperature candles, family travel, lighting Tj Compared with 45, the necessary sharp tool ℃ big bath has a more elegant personal experience and is more in place than burning incense and soaking feet. It is a student who likes to prick his skin and even his soul with temperature, and it is also a nightmare of the hotel cleaning aunt. If you can't light the candle correctly with a lighter.

In the process of wax dripping, no matter who you are, liberal arts and science, how much your hair is, how tall you are, as long as you pick up the candle, you are Ma Liang. The melting point of candles is the same, and the gravitational acceleration of wax drops is the same (please don't go to the North and South Poles or the Earth to drop wax, there are some differences). The tacit partner will cooperate with you, twist, "paint the board", and make a "pen" fly, and let fly the imaginary finishing touch. Only then can he qualify as the cool wax drop boy in the audience.

This is the error demonstration of No. 48. Don't imitate it

Of course, we are neither Tong Pak Fu nor Sun Wukong. We can't paint a picture several times and throw away a pen or a peach after eating. A good S should also pay attention to the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, namely, thrifty housekeeping. How to squeeze a low temperature candle to the point where it can't be left is also an art of pursuit.

In short, today's 48th will teach you how to limit the use of a low temperature candle. After all, a candle costs several hundred yuan, which is also very painful.

1、 Cup wax

If you are a person who pays attention to experience and is not greedy for small bargains, and there are always thousands of people who want to buy the list in Taobao shopping cart, then you can easily buy a glass of wax. Exquisite packaging and gorgeous algae make it hard to refuse the precious flowing medium like Raffi in 1982.

But for the cup wax, it is destined to be a vase for viewing. In the real use process, your experience is often like this.

Yes, you often find that when the wax core is burnt, the cup wax will take the wax core as the center, leaving a circle of conical wax residue.

This is because the thermal conductivity of the cup is different from that of the wax. This is very clear in the heat conduction formula:

Q-heat, C-specific heat, M-mass, t-temperature

To put it simply, I treat you well, but you want to escape. The fire gives the same heat to the center wax and the edge wax, and treats you equally. But the same temperature does not rise for you bitches, so some people eventually melt, and some people still rely on the cup.

In order to accurately measure the burning utilization rate of cup wax, I spent 500 dollars on a treasure to buy a kind of pure hand-made soybean aroma low-temperature wax.

I don't know if I made it by hand. In short, sensory failure

Although I was beaten by the financial staff of the company, I still told them meticulously that please basically respect a boss who is interested in scientific research.

Ah! It's really heavy..

It doesn't matter. Even though I am under the pressure of life, we can still see that a circle of conical wax remains around the cup wax after it is completely burned.

After burning: after burning the wax wick in the cup, the remaining wax cannot be used again

Weight of cup: 120g

Before burning, the weight of cup wax is 340.95g. After burning the wax wick, the weight of cup wax is still 240.94g. After removing the weight of the cup, nearly 55% of the cup wax is wasted. Isn't that a lie? This means that I can only enjoy less than 50 yuan. Hearing this news, the finance student did not hesitate to beat me up.

However, a boss who is committed to scientific research will not be discouraged. I thought it over. If the wax dropping method of rotating beaker is adopted, the cup wall may be locally heated, so as to melt the wax that is stronger than the Arctic in the Ice Age. Do what you say. Without saying a word, I bought candles from Taobao again and began to test them.

This time, my financial classmates didn't hit me, and they might think I was crazy. After I turned around crazily, oh, there was no test, except that I went to the toilet to vomit several times because I was too dizzy, and there was no big change.

It seems that even if I am full of scientific research, I can't save the cup wax., I suggest you cherish your wallet and keep away from cup wax. what? I? At least I have several 500 yuan water glasses! Shake it when drinking water, and you can still feel Raffi!

2、 Columnar wax

Compared with cup wax, cylindrical wax will live more, with simple appearance, moderate temperament, no spare parts in the body, and pragmatism deeply rooted in the marrow and soul, which also leads to people being unable to judge the birthday when you take out the appearance of the candle or do something shy.

It is said that if your clothes cannot hold the halo of the columnar wax, when you hold the candle for too long, everyone will think you are making a wish and sing a happy birthday song for you.

In order to solve this problem, I specially invented a set of wax dropping finger exercises. After practice, I dragged the cool sky crazily. No one dares to approach me within three meters, which fully conforms to S's aura of loneliness and arrogance. This is the real technology that should be displayed when dropping wax. Come and learn from me~

(Don't imitate dangerous actions)

Most people only see failure, but I myself can see the charm (bi) that is nowhere to be placed from the beating fingertips.

Well, after being squashed by the cleaning aunt, let's return to the truth with the pain of unhealed, and see the utilization rate test results of the columnar wax:

After burning: the end of the candle is too short to hold, which means it can't be used again

It can be seen that the burning utilization rate of the columnar wax can reach 80%. 2%, which can be regarded as a pretty good result. Basically, it can be delivered as a small red flower for "thrifty and industrious housekeeping".

Where can I buy columnar wax?


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