The company's R&D achievements have attracted great attention from domestic and foreign industries.

The important scientific and technological achievements obtained by the company's research and development are: drawing lessons from foreign advanced technology, and through independent research and development, it has overcome many technical problems in producing high-end precision casting wax by using domestic raw materials and domestic equipment, thus realizing the independent control of key core technologies. In this way, even if the international situation changes greatly, China's investment wax production will not be constrained by the lack of raw materials and production equipment.

After the success of the company's product research and development, it was fully affirmed by domestic industry experts. In September, 2015, Professor Liu Shigang of Beijing Aviation Command Institute said happily after a field visit to the company: I never thought that a disabled person could do such a high-tech project to fill the domestic gap. On October 24th, Chairman Lin Zuoming of AVIC sent Gao Ge, director of the Institute of New Technology of AVIC, professor of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and consultant Shen Yingjia, an aviation manufacturing expert of AVIC, and a delegation of seven people to visit our company. Professor Gao Ge said with a sigh, "This technology should have been done by the state, but now it has been solved by a private enterprise with a disability. It's really amazing." After that, Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials sent experts to our company for on-the-spot investigation and brought back samples for special tests, which were very successful. On January 18th, 2016, the model wax test for aero-engine blade production was carried out in Beijing Aviation Materials Institute of AVIC, and it was successful at one time. The surface quality of the wax mold made was excellent, with no dent, stable size and up-to-standard shrinkage rate, which could fully meet the requirements of casting aviation parts; At the same time, the use parameters of model wax are the same as those of imported wax, which saves the foundry the trouble of adjusting the process, completely meets the requirements of replacing similar imported products, and becomes the first company in China that can break the foreign blockade.

On July 7 -9, 2017, China Foundry Association's 2017 Wax Mould Seminar and Mould Material Forming Class was held in Laixi, Qingdao. The Secretary-General of Art Foundry Branch of China Foundry Association, Professor Zhan Shaosi of Shanghai Jiaotong University and experts, professors, entrepreneurs and technical chief engineers from all over the country visited the company for guidance, conducted research on art casting wax, and highly praised the research and development results of the company's precision casting wax.

The company's successful research and development of precision manufacturing model wax technology has created favorable conditions for high-end precision manufacturing such as light alloy. To this end, in September 2017, Xinnuoke and the Materials Department of Xi 'an Jiaotong University have jointly launched the R&D project of high-strength lightweight alloy casting company (mainly used for high-strength lightweight materials for aerospace military industry). On March 16th, 2018, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between Qingdao Xinnuoke Casting Materials Technology Co., Ltd. and Xi 'an Jiaotong University Light Alloy Project R&D and Application Practice Base was held in Laixi, Qingdao. The signing of the contract indicates that Xi 'an Jiaotong University will establish a research and development and application practice base for light alloy projects in the company, and make full use of the technical advantages and scientific research capabilities of Xi 'an Jiaotong University and the equipment advantages and production conditions of Xinnuoke Foundry Materials Technology Co., Ltd. to jointly devote themselves to the research and development, achievement transformation and application of light alloy projects. Light alloy products are known as "green metal structural materials in the 21st century", which have huge market development potential and broad development space.

The research and development of the company's investment wax has also attracted the attention of foreign counterparts. In October, 2014, when our company was still in the research and development stage, Mr. Stephen, the general manager of the world's No.1 American REMET Company, flew to China and directly talked about the acquisition of the company for nearly 100 million yuan. At that time, the company had already known the strategic impact of high-end precision casting wax on our national defense and the development of high-tech industry, so it was resolutely rejected, and it was absolutely impossible for foreign technology monopoly to continue to be realized.

On October 28th, 2015, the company obtained the quality inspection report of EU export products. The company signed a three-year cooperation agreement with German agent Morsa, and reached a sales intention agreement of 1,000 tons of casting wax a year. MORSA directly purchased medium-temperature wax from Qingdao Xinnuoke Company and sold it to Germany, and further developed it in the European market, which fully proved that the company's technology has reached the international standard, with stable product quality and obvious price advantage.


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