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Working in New Norco, you will be exposed to the unique corporate atmosphere of pursuing excellence and advocating creativity, and get opportunities for professional training, teamwork and personal development. Join us and become one of us to help customers solve problems and create value through engineering projects.

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Welcome to visit Qingdao Headquarters. You can find the exact location and driving route of the company through the navigation of major maps.

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The company adheres to the people-oriented corporate philosophy, respects the corporate culture of "gratitude, pragmatism, innovation and high efficiency", pursues the harmonious development between man and nature, and is based on the unique green production technology.

Respect the personal dignity and value of employees.

Encourage employees of the company to work at the highest level in a working environment full of motivation, fair competition and mutual cooperation. Employees' personal rights and interests are fully respected. Supervisors and directors communicate with team members in a timely and frank way, and are responsible for their work performance and development.

Encourage creativity and initiative of employees.

Provide a guiding and creative working environment for employees of the company. The spirit of adventure and innovation is an indispensable condition for the company's growth, so the engineers' initiative creation full of inspiration will be sincerely encouraged and supported in the group company.

Stimulate the personal potential of employees.

Through the tailor-made work arrangements for employees, a clear career development orientation is established, so that their potential can be matched with the cooperation of their supervisors, directors and the company as a whole, and the host efforts can be highly exerted to ensure that designers' inspiration can be inspired, thus creating brilliant beyond themselves.

Provide equal opportunities

Hard work will bring the greatest value return to the company. The company implements an open quarterly assessment policy for employees' functions, encourages employees' mutual and self-growth, evaluates employees' performance with a fair and prudent attitude, and gives them higher challenges and rewards.


Qingdao Xinnuoke Holdings Group limited company.

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